Since June 2016, as a part of its corporate social responsibility (CSR) scheme, Selvita is supporting UNICORN (http://unicorn.org.pl/), a charitable foundation dedicated to helping cancer patients and their families.

UNICORN was founded in Kraków, in 1999, and currently runs the first in Poland Psychooncology Centre .

The intention of the founders of the UNICORN Psychooncology Centre, is to create a place where patients diagnosed with cancer will receive comprehensive and professional support in an attempt to tame the disease and overcome the shock of the difficult diagnosis.

People behind the UNICORN are also the authors of some of the breakthrough Polish social campaigns relating to cancer and cancer patients, such as:  „Poukładaj sobie raka”, „Jest między nami chemia”, „Nie tylko leki leczą” or „Widzimy całego człowieka”.

The ambasadors of UNICORN are Jerzy Stuhr, one of the Polish most renowned actors, and his wife Barbara, who have a personal experience in dealing with cancer.

Selvita is supporting UNICORN both financially, as well as through employee volunteering events such as:

  • Donated couple of bikes for UNICORN patients to use
  • Building garden furniture made out of pallets for the UNICRON patients: 


img_2957               img_2948 

  • Organized a fundraising for one of the UNICORN patients – Ola and her son Tymek

Ola is an example of a patient that is at the core of what we do at Selvita, and of very many patients for whom we are trying to develop life-saving therapies. But as we’re still striving to achieve our goal, we do all we can to help otherwise.

Very successful fundraisinig organised among our emplyees allowed us to raise money and provide Ola with e.g. refrigerator, new bed for Tymek, specialized air humidifier, clothes, toys and very much needed financial aid to provide Ola with nanny who will help to take care of Tymek.

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In September 2015 Selvita Runner Teams participated for the first time in the annual Kraków Business Run. Since then, it became our tradition that every year, in September, we join other 5000 runners and run to help collect the funds for the proteges of “Fundacja Jaśka Meli Poza Horyzonty” which helps people with various physical disabilities. 

As part of our Christmas charitable fundraising event, we collected funds for the Uniwersytecki Szpital Dziecięcy in Kraków (Children’s Hospital in Kraków) in order to purchase various educational board and card games, as requested by the Day Care Unit at the hospital.

On top of that, Selvita Management Board decided to donate additional funds to the Hospital and sponsor purchase o 11 specialized, hospital-certified thermometers for the nursing staff.